11 Yoga Wheel Exercise Moves For 2021

Yoga Wheel Exercise Moves

Practicing yoga never becomes boring due to the several styles, and many props used to perform such positions, as a yoga wheel for example.

Try these yoga wheel moves today, with the many poses and stretches you can learn and do. Adding a yoga wheel to your routine will help strengthen your body as well as increase your flexibility.

If you ever find yourself running out of sequences, poses, or exercises, investing in a yoga wheel might be the thing for you.

Yoga Wheel Exercise Ideas To Try

Here are 11 Yoga Wheel workout ideas ranging from beginner to advanced.

1. Child’s Pose (Beginner)

Just how you would begin the Child’s Pose, sitting on your knees with your legs wide as the mat, lowering the front half of your body down.

Instead of your forehead touching your yoga mat with your arms extended, you will have your yoga wheel in front of you instead. You will then extend your arms out, taking hold of the yoga wheel. The yoga wheel can be either standing straight up wide, in the opposite position, or even lying flat for more stability.

2. Seated Forward Fold (Beginner)

Sitting in an “L” Shape position on the ground, instead of having your legs and feet on the ground, simply prop up your feet onto the yoga wheel. You will then fold forward grabbing the wheel as you would if you were on your mat without any props. This position elevates your legs so you can get a deeper stretch.

3. Triceps Extension (Beginner)

This simple wheel exercise is similar to having dumbbells or any other exercise equipment that targets your triceps. Begin by sitting on your knees or any other comfortable seated position.

Take your yoga wheel with both hands extended out in front of you, then begin to lift all the way up over your head, and then pull the wheel with forearms bending behind your head. Doing this several times will have your triceps fired up.

4. Lizard Lunge (Beginner)

If you have ever performed a lunge or high lunge, then this simple pose with the yoga wheel will be a piece of cake. Just how you would go into a lunge, instead of your back foot on the ground, your foot will be elevated onto the wheel. The opposite leg that is not on the wheel will be bent at the knee, just like a normal lunge. Make sure to switch sides!

5. Plow Pose (Intermediate)

Laying in corpse pose, slowly bend your hips raising from the ground, so that your hips, back, and legs are perpendicular in the air. You begin to lower your legs straight over your head. Usually, your feet will touch the ground, but in this case, you will be resting your feet on the yoga wheel. 

6. Fish Pose (Intermediate)

You first will need to position yourself in an “L” shape sitting up straight with legs extended together. Make sure the yoga wheel is directly behind you, slowly roll your back (legs still in extension) onto the yoga wheel making a backbend. With your arms extended on both sides, the wheel should be right in the middle of your back, with your head resting on the wheel.

7. Toe-Stand Pose (Intermediate)

This pose may be a bit difficult at first, but with a strong core and practicing balance, you will be able to achieve this in no time! You will need to carefully have both feet on the wheel, hands touching the ground at first for stability. Get a sense of what this feels like.

When ready, lift both hands from the ground and balance on the wheel with both feet. You will eventually want to extend one leg out in front of you while the other is still balanced on the wheel. Focus on a single point while hands come to heart prayer, or extend on both sides.

Whatever feels comfortable for you.

8. Tiger Pose (Intermediate)

Start on all fours, as if you are going into the cat/cow pose. The yoga wheel should be near one of your hands to eventually grab. Your hips should be squared, and your arms and knees should be hip-length apart. Lift the right leg up as your knee bends to eventually hook the wheel with your foot. Take your left arm reaching behind you with the wheel and hook the wheel with your right foot.

9. Crow Pose (Advance)

If you are strong in the arms and have great balance, this may be a fun one to challenge yourself with the yoga wheel. The yoga should be laying flat on the ground where you will see a full circle looking down. Grab on with the side of the wheel crouching down, with your knees heavily bent.

Raising your bottom in the air you will eventually have both knees resting on the outer side of both elbows. Let’s first start with one knee on one of your elbows while the other leg is still on the ground. Finding that balance, slowly start to pick up your other knee resting on the opposite.

You should have both bent knees sitting on your elbows with feet hovering above the yoga wheel behind you, and both hands and arms balancing on the wheel.

10. Head-Stand (Advance)

Simple to start, but if you are not into your head and handstands then this may be a bit difficult. Starting in a crouched position with your wheel directly standing in front of you, start to tilt your head onto your mat resting against your head with both hands holding the wheel in place.

Slowly start to lift your back, lower body, hips, legs, and feet, coming into a completely vertical position with your head, hands, and wheel balancing in place.

11. Camel Pose (Advance)

This position requires a deep backbend. To start this pose, have the yoga wheel about a foot behind you.

Completely stand tall on both knees, gently start to lower your entire back onto the yoga wheel. When you are able to, bring your head and forearms down over the wheel into a complete camel pose.

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