The Best Yoga Shorts 2021: Tummy Control, For Women And Men

the best yoga shorts 2021

Leggings are great and ideal for controlling the body structures but for something more comfortable for yoga, you do need shorts. Yoga shorts are recommended when practicing yoga for tummy control and with so many types of yoga shorts to pick from, it can be even more exciting. Shorts are quite versatile as well, you can simply have them paired with tee shirts and sneakers for the gym.

Yoga shorts are extremely stylish and as soon as spring is around the corner then you can have them replace your leggings. There are so many varieties of yoga shorts out there and the materials are different as well. Hence you have to be sure you are choosing one designed for yoga.

There is no doubt that sleek leggings will look good for yoga but for a tummy control option, you do need a pair of yoga shorts. Yoga does require your body to go into a wide range of movements hence you need something stretchy and comfortable.

An appropriate yoga outfit is an essential aspect of practicing yoga. So if you have decided to swap your leggings for more comfortable yoga shorts. We have made it easier by rounding up the best yoga shorts for your tummy and they are also your best option for a quick run in summer.

Advantages Of Yoga Shorts

Why choose yoga shorts over leggings? You don’t need to go searching for expensive yoga clothes to make your yoga practice easy, yoga shorts will do just fine and they are affordable too. What you wear is sure going to have lots of effect on how comfortable you will be in those yoga poses.

Hence here are reasons yoga shorts are worth trying.

  • Yoga shorts are comfortable and stretchy
  • They will carry you through the hot spring and summer months effortlessly
  • Helps with tummy control during yoga practice
  • Prevents overheating by keeping body temperature stable
  • Increases blood flow in the legs.

12 Best Yoga Shorts 2021: Tummy Control, Best Fit Options

Yoga shorts allow you to prep for the hot weather which in turn enables you to enjoy your yoga practices. Yoga shorts are unlike their longer counterpart, you have to know what you are searching for shopping for yoga shorts.

There is no doubt that yoga shorts are stylish and look great in any shape. Hence we have compiled the best option of tummy control yoga shorts for 2021.

1. BALEAF High Waist Yoga Shorts– Best Overall

BALEAF High Waist Yoga Shorts

There are many premium brands of yoga shorts out there but there are certain factors that guide how to choose the right yoga shorts. BALEAF high waist yoga shorts is one of the highly-rated shorts for yoga and running. It’s quite stretchy and comes with big side pockets so you can easily keep your phone in it. The fabric of these shorts is breathable and provides complete coverage which makes them ideal for any kind of workout at all.

This high waist short is a must-have and it’s a great option for tummy control during yoga poses as well. It’s compression short that has everything to make your workout enjoyable. It’s quite affordable too for the quality it offers.

Convincing review: I am 5’3”. 155ish lbs. wear 9-11 pants. I def got some junk in my trunk! I probably could’ve gotten a Large but the medium works for me and I wear them all the time!!! I also bought burgundy ones!!! The pockets on the side are amazing for hiking, so convenient! Def will buy more! Mikala Via Amazon.

2. Lianshp High Waist Yoga Shorts Tummy Control– Best Moisture- Wicking Yoga Shorts

Lianshp High Waist Yoga Shorts Tummy Control

If long yoga pants make you uncomfortable then here is the best option for you. The material used in making Lianshp High Waist Yoga Shorts makes it exceptional and its tummy control mid-length option makes it even more fantastic. This yoga short is stretchy and breathable, it is perfect for outdoor and indoor workouts.

The material is designed to keep you cool and wick away moisture so you stay comfortable no matter the pose. It is the ideal choice for an intensity workout and comes with three pockets.

Convincing review: I am generally self-conscious about wearing bike or running shorts. I feel my legs burst out at the hemline. I do not feel that way in these shorts. They have the same support throughout, Not tighter at the hem and not too tight in other areas as some shorts. They keep me dry while running, are not see-through, and one can feel the support given. I can carry a single key in the pocket provided at the waistband and my iPhone in the side pocket. (I have the larger XR). Give them a try. If you do not like them, Amazon makes it easy to return them. C Tino via Amazon.

3. Fotociti High Waist Yoga Biker Shorts– Best High Waist Yoga Shorts

Lianshp High Waist Yoga Shorts Tummy Control

Fotociti high waist yoga short is one of the most popular shorts for yoga. It is 4 way stretchy and it is quite convenient as well. This yoga high waist short is designed for tummy control and extends past the tummy region. It’s not just meant for yoga but it’s a tummy control biker short which makes it fashionable as well.

It is made with a non-see-through material, it’s breathable and ideal for running and practically all kinds of workouts.

Convincing review: These are by far the softest yoga shorts I own !! I’m 5”2 125 Lbs and the fit is perfect I love the length not too short or not too long. Took a hot yoga class last night and I felt incredible they were so comfortable especially when I was moving in different positions !! a must-buy going to have to order another pair. Klariviere via Amazon.

4. Beyond Yoga Womens Spacedye High Waisted Biker Shorts– Best Fold Over Biker Short

Beyond Yoga Women's Spacedye High Waisted Biker Shorts

This unique yoga short is a must-have. This is quite soft and it’s perfect for any kind of workout. This particular yoga short is particularly fun and lots of customer reviews claim it is worth the price. It is designed with 4-way stretch and is also extremely soft which means you can attain all yoga poses effortlessly. The moisture-wicking properties should also encourage you.

Convincing review: I love these shorts! They are above the knee and can be pulled up a bit if you are looking for a little extra tan on the top part of your legs but do not stretch and get baggy. They flatter curvy figures! I ordered a medium. Soraiya via Amazon.

5. Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Short– Best Figure Flattering Yoga Short

Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Shorts for Women with 2 Side Pockets Tummy Control Running Home Workout Shorts

Dragon Fit High Waist Yoga Short has tummy control built into its waistband. This is another yoga short you can’t help but love as it is designed to remove moisture from your body and also shape your waist and booty thereby giving you a flattering ad stunning figure.

This fabric is designed to provide you with maximum comfort and it is affordable as well. It is another yoga short that combines fashion with performance. It also comes with a big side pocket for your phone.

Convincing Review: Searched a long time for these… they are perfect. The material feels like a Cotten more than it does a sports-wear item, the fit is great doesn’t squeeze my thighs or give me a muffin top. I’m about 145lbs and 5’6” (on the more muscular side) and I got a Medium. Would buy again 100% *** also the pockets fit my phone perfectly without it falling out during workouts! Elizabeth via Amazon.

6. Amazon Essentials Women’s Studio Sculpt Mid-Length Yoga Short– Best Everyday Yoga Short

Amazon Essentials Women's Studio Sculpt Mid-Length Yoga Short

For a classic yoga short that you can wear every day, this might be the perfect one to go for. This yoga short is designed for tummy control and it is made from a sleek stretchy material that is durable enough to be worn every day for yoga. It is the ideal yoga short if you want something interesting and basic. This is also suitable for cycling, pilate, or any similar activity.

Convincing review: Really happy these fit. I am heavier on the bottom with a pear-shaped body type. I hate shopping for shorts and pants but wanted to get something for the summer heat. I ordered the XL, I wear a 14-16 depending on the fabric. When I first opened they didn’t look like they would fit but they did I was surprised. Clothes shopping online for certain body types is not always easy, it’s hit or miss sometimes but I do recommend these. I might even order a second pair. They are stretchy and comfy. Emily via Amazon.

7. TNNZEET High Waist Pr Biker Short– Best Printed Yoga Short

TNNZEET 8" Buttery Soft Biker Shorts for Women

TNNZEET high waist biker short is designed with high-quality material that is suitable for yoga. It is termed volleyball short due to the classy prints. This short does with 4-way stretch and it will conform to your curves without feeling too tight.

It is designed for activities like yoga, running, volleyball, workout, hiking, hiking, and any indoor activity.

Convincing review: These are buttery soft, like LLR leggings, and are so flattering! Not too tight in the leg opening which I seem to have a problem with a lot of bike shorts. Get these now! For reference, I typically wear a size Large in Zella/Adidas/Baeleaf, etc., and got these in a Large/XL and they are perfect! Amazon Customer.

8. Sunzel Yoga Biker Short– Best Budget Option

Biker Shorts for Women with Pockets

Sunzel Yoga Biker short is a cool biker short that can e paired with a yoga tee for a super trendy look. This yoga short is stylish and sustainable for yoga, cycling, running, and everyday workout activity.

Convincing review: These shorts are incredible! I usually buy more expensive brands and I thought I would give these a try. They feel like $50 shorts! The fabric feels like lululemon. Very soft and the fit is flattering. Do not waste your money on expensive shorts !!! I want these in every color!!! Very comfortable! Lilli via Amazon.

9. URATOT Yoga Athletic Short– Best Comfortable Yoga Short

URATOT 3 Pack Running Athletic Shorts Yoga Short Pants Women Gym Dance Workout Shorts

Comfort is one of the factors to consider when you want to choose yoga shorts. URATOT yoga short is specifically made for any in and out of gym activity. You get three pairs of shorts in one pack and it’s very affordable. The material is made with ultra-lightweight cotton which makes it very comfortable and stretchy.

This athletic yoga short combines performance and fashion. It is suitable for running, pilates, dancing, and cycling.

Convincing review: These shorts are a must-have! They are soft, comfortable and very flattering!! Feels like a soft thick T-shirt. Great for lounging and comfy enough to wear to bed. They are true to size and wash and dry nicely. They may have slightly shrunk because they are cotton but not noticeable. I love these shorts and highly recommend especially for the price. For reference, I am 155#, and a large fits nicely. They are a classic cut and although they are short, they are a conservative short if that makes sense. I will be ordering more colors. Amazon Reviewer.

10. Prana Men’s JD Yoga Short– Best Breathable Yoga Short

prAna - Men's JD Short

If you are going to be doing lots of intense yoga practice then you do need yoga shorts that can last that long and are breathable. JD’s yoga short is designed for any kind of activity, it is the ideal short to help you relax and feel comfortable. The JD short is machine washable and designed for you to enjoy hot yoga.

This Prana yoga short is suitable for any kind of activity and it’s designed to minimize moisture so you don’t end up sweating a lot during intense workouts. These are a bit pricey but considered worth it.

Convincing review: This is the first time I’ve bought yoga apparel online. These are great shorts, they’re a perfect fit, they’re functional and comfortable. They keep their shape and support in the more difficult yoga poses and you don’t over-heat in them either. David M via Amazon.

11. Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve Yoga Short– Best Loose Fit Yoga Short

YOGA CROW Men’s Swerve Yoga, Workout, Gym, Cross Train, Active Shorts

Yoga Crow Men’s Swerve yoga short is designed for everyday use. This is an upgrade from the tight-fit yoga shorts out there, this is a lose-fit yoga short and it is suitable for all kinds of workouts. It comes with a built-in non-abrasive, non-restrictive boxer brief that makes it a great option.

With this short, you don’t have to constantly adjust it, so you can comfortably focus on your yoga practice.

Convincing review: Excellent quality. I’m 5’8″ 150#. The size Small is a perfect fit. Not body-hugging like bicycle shorts/tights but fit close to the body and stretchy allowing free movement. Perfect for yoga. A built-in liner is a plus. It may be a bit pricey but I haven’t found anything like this for men that is as close to almost perfectly what I wanted. Too bad no holiday special! Canuck via Amazon.

12. 4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts– Best Fitted Yoga Short

4-rth Mens Transition Yoga Shorts

A fitted yoga short is another important workout short every man needs. Thanks to its snug fit, you can be sure to focus on your workout as this won’t bunch up and no constant adjusting is needed. 4-rth Men’s yoga short is incredibly comfortable and almost weightless. It is designed to be form fitting but convenient.

Another interesting feature of this short is that it is stretchy and it can handle split, squat, or any other similar workout. However, you might want to add underwear to it as this is made with eco-friendly material hence it gets revealing from absorbing sweat.

Convincing review: I’ve tried lots of different brands, you can get cheaper yoga shorts (anything shorts really), but I have yet to find better-made, better quality shorts/pants anywhere else. I’ve got some pairs of 4 RTH shorts/pants that are years old now and still look and fit great. Atavision via Amazon.

Features To Consider When Choosing Yoga Shorts

There are so many shorts designed for yoga however finding one for yourself can be daunting. Knowing factors to consider can help you narrow your choices and that way you can pick the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

1. Versatility

You want to make sure you are going for a yoga short that is not designed for one sport alone especially if you live an active lifestyle. Yous should also be willing to invest in more than one pair of yoga shorts. If you are comfortable enough with it, it can be used for kayaking, running, and other activities.

2. Fabric- Natural Or Synthetic?

The features of your fabric are very vital. A good fabric material should be soft, stretchy, moisture-wicking, breathable, and odor resistant. Fabric is very important for both men and women yoga shorts.

Natural materials include cotton, hemp, organic cotton, and more. Shorts made with natural materials can be used for all kinds of intense workouts. Synthetic materials often include spandex, nylon, and polyester. These materials dry fast and can be used for swimming.

3. Coverage

There are knee-length and mid-length yoga shorts and although the length is a matter of preference, with yoga you should pick one that is not too short. Yoga short that is too short might make you conscious of every movement which will limit your concentration.

4. Pockets

An extra feature you need to look for in your yoga shorts is a pocket. Pockets come in really handy, you need them for keeping your key and phone as well. Make sure the pockets are not too bulgy or large as this will only restrict your movement.

Yoga Shorts FAQs

Are yoga shorts comfortable?

Yoga shorts come in plenty of designs and materials and the one you choose determines how comfortable it will be. However, they are designed to be extremely comfortable and they are the ideal option for doing yoga at home.

Are shorts good for yoga?

Yes, shorts are quite great for yoga and there are certain activities such as splits that are perfect for shorts. Shorts also help you become more flexible for stretches.

Can you swim in yoga shorts?

If the material of your shorts is nylon then you can swim in them and it dries faster. Yoga shorts can be used for basically any activity however you need to make sure the material is durable

Wrapping Up

Anyone who practices yoga knows that the right out is important to maintain proper pose at all times. Yoa shorts are fast becoming the best choice for yoga and this is because many yoga poses require lots of contact with your legs and arms and with yoga shorts, you won’t be slipping.

So if you are in the market for comfortable and practical yoga shorts, our pick above will do just fine.

Ideas for your new yoga shorts:

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