Fabletics vs Lululemon: Which is Better For Yoga?

Fabletics vs Lululemon

For a lot of Yogis, one of the most critical factors is your yoga outfit. It must be comfortable, stylish, durable, make you feel good and sexy, be the perfect fit, have innovation you didn’t know you needed; as a pocket somewhere, breathable fabric in all the right places, and you should be able to afford it.

A number of brands say they can cater to these needs, but Lululemon Athletica and Kate Hudson’s Fabletics are the activewear brand leaders for many yogis. They have both got amazing offers and nuances that can make picking a little complicated.

So, to aid your decision-making process and help you get a run for your money, we will be talking about the pros and cons of both brands in a minute.


Fabletics was created in 2013 as an e-commerce platform for women’s work outfits. The creators, Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg, and Don Ressler, saw a gap in the industry. There weren’t a lot of stylish, quality, and affordable activewear options for women of all sizes, and to date, Fabletics has continued to fill this gap.

In 2015, they opened their first physical store.


They currently have about 50 physical stores and plan to increase their numbers to 74 by the end of the year. In 2017, the brand horizontally expanded to include swimwear, dresses, and even shoes (slip ones, lifestyle sneakers, and workout shoes).

In 2020, the brand vertically expanded to activewear for men. The primary edge that Fabletics has over many other brands is the variety of sizes that their wears come in. Their size chart comes from XXS to 4XL.

Furthermore, they offer their VIP members personalized outfits to fit their tastes, lifestyle, and exact body type. Their bestsellers are their PowerHold and Motion 360 leggings. The average price for Fabletics leggings is USD 50. 

Lululemon Athletica

Lululemon, as it is popularly known, was founded in 1998. From one store in Vancouver, Canada, to almost 500 stores worldwide. It is domiciled in Delaware and has a flagship store in London.

They initially catered to just yoga wears but expanded to gym wear personal care products, and lifestyle accessories. They have also expanded their merchandise to at-home workout equipment, but their focus remains steadfast on athletic wear, especially their bestselling WunderUnder leggings and Scuba hoodie.


In 2019, they started creating men’s activewear and presently have an object to compete against more popular brands like Nike aggressively. The average price for Lululemon leggings is USD 95. 

Lululemon vs Fabletics Compared

We will be comparing both brands based on some yardsticks. These include quality and fabric, style, size, fit and customizability, pricing, membership, longevity, and shopping experience. 

1. Quality and Fabric

Both brands make their fabrics. Such that they are carefully tailored to different needs. Fabletics’ PowerHold leggings are a poly-spandex hybrid and a favorite for most booty sculptors. It has impressive compression and is very thick.

Its other bestseller, the Motion 360 leggings, is made with more breathable, stretchy, and moisture-wicking fabric, which is excellent for hatha yoga and flowy yoga sequences. It’s light and offers high compression, and makes space for fuller movements. Their other materials include SculptKnit and PureLuxe.

However, they are not as sleek and breathable as Lululemon’s Luon.

Likewise for Lululemon. They offer a wide array of options. They have the Luon fabric, 81% nylon, and 19% Lycra. A cottony, soft, and stretchy material was used to make the Groove pants.

They also have the Luxtreme material, which is specially made for more intense activities. It has excellent compression around the belly, butt, and thighs, fits like a second skin, is cool-to-touch, and has unrivaled moisture-wicking capabilities.

In addition, Lululemon has other trademarked fabrics like Nulux™, Nulu™, Everlux, Silverescent®, Senseknit™, and Ultralu. On the flip side, Lululemon fabrics, though soft and designed to give high compression, can sometimes be too thin. 

Generally, both brands have products with moisture-wicking, high-compression, and non-transparent qualities. What’s more, they are comfortable with any activity. The edge they have over most other brands is quality, and Lululemon and Fabletics give you a run for your money.

2. Styles and Colors

Fabletics and Lululemon are fashion-forward and stylish brands. No matter your taste and preferences, there’s something for everyone.

There’s an extensive range of colors, patterns, and prints for both men and women. You could style their products with your everyday outfits and totally kill it. Therefore, you will need to make a choice using other factors. 

3. Size

Fabletics is dear to many-a-heart because it caters to women of all sizes, from XXS to 4XL. This inclusivity was its unique selling point.

Thus, plus-sized women can always find something they can be comfortable in.  Lululemon only had US sizes 2-12 before. Now, you can get up to sizes 3X and 4X from Lululemon. 

4. Fit and Customizability

Depending on the fabric and the collection, your Lululemon wear would fit you 99 to 100% of the time. Sometimes the compression may be too tight.

Furthermore, Lululemon bottoms come in only three lengths; 25, 28, and 31, all of which are designed to sit on different parts of your leg depending on your height. Apart from following their size chart, Lululemon offers hemming services to help customers get their perfect fit. 

On the other hand, apart from getting your perfect fit using their size chart, Fabletics offers personalized inseams options for your bottoms. You can pick short, regular, and tall, Capri, ⅞, and full length to ensure that your bottoms fit in all the places you want them to fit.

In addition, some of their fabric allows you to cut your bottoms to your desired length. 

Nulu™ Asymmetrical Yoga Tank Top *Light Support, A/B Cups
Nulu™ Asymmetrical Yoga Tank Top *Light Support, A/B Cups. Image: Lululemon

5. Pricing

If you are looking for a pocket- friendly activewear or if you like to follow fashion trends and fads so that you change your wear often, Fabletics is your brand. With $18 – $50, you can get Fabletics leggings, and their other items, sports bras, loungewear, etc, follow the same price pattern.

If you sign up as a VIP and pay the membership fee of $50 monthly, you could get two pairs of leggings for $24, plus free shipping for orders above $50.

Furthermore, Fabletics releases new styles every month, so as a VIP member, you get to shop/select the new outfits with up to 50% discount rates compared to regular pricing for non VIP members. Of course, it pays more when you are buying more than one item. You can always opt-out to skip the month you won’t be buying anything.

You can get an entire yoga outfit with way less than you would need to buy a pair of Lululemon leggings. 

Meanwhile, a pair of Lululemon leggings goes for $95 and more, which is a pretty steep price if you won’t be wearing your leggings every day. However, they have a We Made Too Much section on their website that is permanently discounted. So you can get some sweet deals off this section if you check it often and cop items fast enough.

Pro tip: the items in this section sell out super fast.

6. Longevity

Lululemon gets an edge because it’s reputed to last longer than the average sportswear brand so that you don’t always have to buy replacements. This resilience has been used as justification for Lululemon’s steep prices. It has minimal fabric piling and can survive many years of constant wash and wear. 

Fabletics doesn’t get that kind of trust. Fabletics is an excellent option for many people when you work in a place that requires you to wear activewear regularly.

There are always trendy things to try out with Fabletics. Nonetheless, several other people think that your Fabletics wears can last as long as your Lululemons. 

Company Bestsellers

Here are some Fabletics and Lululemon wear you should look out for when buying:


  • High-waisted Powerhold Pocket Leggings; Ihugs all the right places and the tummy hold is simply otherworldly. Plus, it has the pocket you did not know you needed on your active wear.
  • High-waisted Motion 365 Run Leggings: If you are a runner or fully into hatha yoga, I honestly don’t think you should think twice before going for this one. 
  • High-waisted Pureluxe Leggings: This is one of their best work yet. So smooth and soft to touch. I think athletes with more conservative tastes would love this one. 
  • 2-Pieces: Fabletics has a ton of lovely two-piece wear. Active or lounge wear, there’s a beautiful, comfortable and really affordable two-piece for everyone. 


  • Lululemon Align Pants: This one is tops their chart. Made with the signature fabric, Nulu, these pants are practically weightless, perfect for everyday wear. You won’t want to take them off!
  • Scuba Oversized ½ Zip Hoodie: Whether you want to feel cute or just run errands or fight the cold, this hoodie has got you covered. Made with a cotton-fleece blend, it’s breathable, soft to touch and warm. The Color options? Ahmaazing. 
  • Wunder Train High RIse Pants: Quick to dry, super soft fabric; these tights are one of your best options for hatha yoga. 

Both brands are great choices for yogis looking to buy appropriate and quality activewear. They are innovative with their designs, and each of their products is better than the last. However, it all depends on your preferences and budget, amongst other things.

Furthermore, before you buy any of their wear, be sure to read the reviews online. This can go a long way in helping you to make the right decision.

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