The Best Yoga Wear Brands 2022: Lululemon, Alo Yoga, Athleta, More

The Best Yoga Wear Brands

We agree that what we wear is almost as important as the activity itself. You want something that motivates you to do some intense yoga or something that suits slow, easy yoga, like loungewear. This may be why you’re looking for a list of the best yoga wear brands like Lululemon, Fabletics, Athleta to fuel your practice and look good.

You want something that makes you feel cute while working up that sweat and doing those sequences. You also want something that is pretty, durable and is your perfect fit.

That’s why your regular sweatpants get old, they are not enough. Furthermore, if you are going to be engaging in power yoga and any other physically challenging activities, you know for sure that you should be in the right clothes. You can look cute while working on your balance and stability.

Plus, your clothes won’t tear or stretch out after a couple of squats or stretches or wears.

The Best Sportswear/Yoga Wear Brands Of 2021

Here’s a list of stores and brands like Lululemon, Fabletics, Girlfriend Collective, JoyLab, Alo Yoga to buy your new yoga wears from.

1. Lululemon


Lululemon is a luxury, fashion-forward athleisure brand from Canada. Though pricey, they make up for it in fabric quality and durability.

They use super stretchy, sweat-wicking, and amazingly soft to touch. You could wear your Lulu pants for years and years with zero to minimal pilling or tears. So, if you do intense yoga and need something that can wick all that sweat away without expanding after a while, go for Lulu. They are serious about their tagline, “Less Stress, More Sweat.

In addition, they cater to both men and women of all sizes so that there’s something for everyone from Lulu. It might be near impossible to buy a pair of Lulu’s and not become obsessed with it. Lululemon Align pants, WunderTrain High-rise tights, Energy Bra; Medium Support, and Scuba ½ Zip Hoodie are must-haves if you can afford them.

They come in all sizes. Although they might not fit you perfectly, they offer free hemming services to help you fit your Lulu pants to a tee.

They have hundreds of stores in the US; you may want to find one around you or visit their online store. For starters, you could try one of the two newly launched products; the ABC Pant in Utilitech Fabric and the new Instill Tight. It is just as soft to the touch as the Align pants and it gives as much body hold and compression. 

2. Fabletics


Fabletics is another brand to have in your closet. It’s your go-to brand if you are in the market for stylish, durable, and affordable yoga wear. They are most popular for their high compression leggings. They use breathable, sweat-wicking fabric that sits like a second skin when you wear them.

Furthermore, they allow their customers to personalize the in-seams of their bottoms. That way, you can choose the exact place you want the leggings to sit on your leg, depending on your height and preference.

They have sizes from XXS to 4XL for all their products, and if you are a VIP member, you can get two pairs of leggings or a whole yoga outfit for less than half the price of one pair of leggings. You can visit their website. 

3. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga’s sleek designs are every reason you need to take your yoga to the streets. They are an eco-friendly brand with the objective of making the most comfortable, fashion-forward, and unique yoga clothes in the world.

Their keyword is ‘mindfulness’, and they imbibe this into the making of every piece of clothing to make it comfortable so that you can wear them anywhere. Alo Yoga clothing, like many athleisure brands, is a hybrid of activewear and street clothing. Therefore, it is a great cozy option for many celebrities who strive to stay fit.

The fabrics are stretchy and sweat-wicking to keep the sweat and stink away. Also, their clothes fit like a glove and offer maximum compression. The brand provides complimentary hemming services on all products to give you the perfect fit, as long as it doesn’t mess with the original design of the wear.

Furthermore, they cater to both male and female yogis, and there is a size for everyone. Look out for their seasonal drops and new launches!

4. Beyond Yoga

Beyond yoga

If you are looking for simple but chic, this is the brand for you. They create clothes in monochromatic tones, but for them, the fun is in the details.

BY apparel can also be worn as workout wear and casual wear. With rightly-paired accessories, you could be going from the yoga studio to a lunch date in your Beyond Yoga clothes. Beyond Yoga, clothes are soft, cozy, and functional.

They create everything from yoga wear to maternity wear and loungewear. They even have a men’s collection. Their size ranges from XXS-XL. 

5. Athleta


Makes some of their apparel from their patented fabric, Pilayo, a combination of 88% nylon and 12% lycra. Subsequently, you get a stretchy, sweat-wicking garment that fits you like a second skin while doing your yoga sequences.

Athleta wears are available in all sizes. In addition, Athleta has partnered with the San Francisco Ballet to design outfits and clothes that suit a woman’s body best.

Their lace trim bras, floral tights, and wrap tops are just some of the options you can explore.

6. Girlfriend Collective

This brand has proven itself to be the real deal. Their leggings are so soft to the touch, and they don’t pill no matter how many times you wash them or how often you wear them. The fabric is also made of safe, ethically sourced, recycled materials. Girlfriend Collection clothes are usually available in all sizes.

7. Alala

Alala provides fun and style to the active woman. You can easily wear your Alala two-piece elsewhere if you want.

They provide apparel in sizes ranging from XS-XL.  They also offer the option to design your own Captain Tight that is Alala Carte.

8. Butter

Butter has apparel as soft as the brand name says. It was founded in October 2020. Their chic matching sets in pastel colors are must-haves.

Think beautiful and dynamic; they are comfortable enough to be worn for various activities—from intense workout routines to basic physical activities.

The company’s primary objective is to create affordable activewear options that are functional and will also bolster their customers’ confidence. However, for now, Butter is only available in online stores.

9. Free People’s Movement

free people movement

This Indie brand is known for its unmistakable boho-chic designs. You will love this brand if you like to wear your yoga wear out. It is suitable for everything from dance to yoga to Pilates.

Whether you are into yoga, hardcore bodybuilding, or need loungewear for meditation, the FP Movement activewear collection has so many comfortable and stylish activewear you can add to your wardrobe.

If you are into clothes that do not move while you do your routine, FP movement clothes are your go-to outfits. They hug your body correctly and do not move as you go through yoga sequences. They have perfect compression too. 

10. Outdoor Voices

If you are thinking ‘no-drama, just style and comfort, Outdoor Voices has got you. They have a very small number of patterned fabrics, bolder, solid colors, and emphasize the detail on their apparel.

They cater to both male and female customers and use eco-friendly materials. 

11. Joah Brown

This is another no-fuss brand. They have gorgeous and functional basic leggings, crop tops, tees and can easily be your yoga wear or street style.

According to its founder, the brand focuses on designing functional, comfortable cl, adaptable, subtly sexy clothes with a tomboyish flare. They understand the assignment. 

12. Satva

satva apparel

An environmentally and socially conscious brand, they use fabric created from organic cotton and recycled polyester for their entire line.

Thus, these clothes allow the body to move freely through yoga sequences and other physical activities. What’s more, they are a stylish and affordable brand and can be worn as street-style outfits. 

13. Montiel

This is another simple, no-fuss brand. Their main objective is to create timeless activewear for women using high-quality material simply.

They consistently create classic and chic designs that complement each other, like their cute, simple bras and camisoles to the long sleeves, their simple legging designs with various cuts and lengths, and other staple yoga clothing pieces.

The brand also creates only limited editions to focus on making clothes with only the best quality. 

14. JoyLab

This brand is best known for its affordability. You can find the brand’s bras and leggings for $20 at Target.

It’s practical activewear with chic designs and satisfactory quality. Their sizes range from XS to 4XL. 

15. Roam Loud

Roam loud apparel

Yoga wear from Roam Loud is made from moisture-wicking, soft-to-touch, stretchy material that booty trainers swear by. It’s squat proof and has excellent compression.

Clothes from this brand are chic and often come in trendy colors. Like many other yoga wear brands, Roam Loud clothes can be worn as casual wear. You can get bodysuits, leggings, joggers, and bras in any size of your choice. 

You most likely already know the famous brands, you might even be a brand loyalist to one of them, but there are many other brands out there that have as much to offer. So try any brands on this list out and let us know your experience with them.

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