The Best Yoga Poses For Root Chakra 2021

Lotus Pose - The Best Yoga Poses For Root Chakra

Want a list of the best yoga poses to practice to balance your root chakra and feel more stable? This is the guide for you.

The chakra system is important in your spiritual journey. Balancing these chakras by drawing their energy will keep the mind and body healthy.

We will focus on learning the best yoga poses for the root chakra, its benefits, and how to properly perform these poses. You will then unlock the energy in a way that is physical, mental, and spiritual.

What is the Root Chakra?

There are 7 main Chakras, while the first one is the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra or “Muladhara” is located at the base of the spine. When this energy is flowing properly, you will feel grounded and calm.

In contrast, if your chakra is blocked, you may feel uneasy, anxious, and even depressed.

Although there are many symptoms that one may feel from a blocked chakra, we will focus on keeping your Root flowing freely with specific yoga poses. These poses target the opening, balancing, or blocked Root energy.

Yoga Poses For Root Chakra

Here’s a list of poses to practice in order to balance your root chakra.

1. Lotus Pose

The Lotus pose (Padmasana) is one of many seated poses in yoga. Lotus is positioned with your legs crossed and usually done with meditation or part of a yoga-style sequence.

This pose is great for connecting to the root chakra because of the spiritual and grounded advantages it presents. Since the Root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, its concerns are with your emotions and creativity. Opening up the hips from the Root can relieve you of physical and emotional stress.

We Root ourselves within the Earth and feel the awareness of grounding.

How To Lotus Pose:

Although this pose may be a little advanced for some, NO worries, you can sit in a simple cross-legged seated position.

With a comfortable cushion, meditation pillow, or a blanket, from a seated “L” shape position, Bring your right foot with your sole facing upward to your left hip. Do the same with the opposing side. Left foot towards your right hip making sure to cross over the initial foot.

Sit up tall and focus on your grounded Root Chakra.

2. Yogi Squat

Continuing to focus on grounding the hips with the Yogi Squat, is another popular and effective way to balance your Root Chakra.

Squatting down low on your feet will help with the groin, hip opening, and Root energy. Grounding gratitude with the Root Chakra could be the start of unlocking the full potential of your other chakras.

How To Yogi Squat:

To bring calmness and stability the Yogi Squat is perfect to tap into the Root Chakra.

Simply, stand hip-length apart from standing, go down low into a deep squat with your knees heavily bent. Hands coming to Heart Prayer, while creating more space putting tension on your inner thighs with your arms and elbows.

It is certainly okay if you can not get too low to the ground or if you are not stable enough to hold the position. It is important to listen to your body whenever possible to avoid injury and uncomfort. Putting a block or folded blanket under the bottom is a great way to help keep stabilized.

If you can not get too low, just squat low enough to where you are comfortable.

3. Tree Pose

The Tree Pose (Vrksasana) accepts the strength and balance in the legs to feel steady and centered for the Root Chakra. Standing tall like a tree will assist in being grounded and pulling the energy to the base of your spine.

The tree pose is great for any level as this pose can be achieved in different variations, but still with the same grounding effects.

How To Tree Pose:

From standing pose like mountain pose, bend your right knee placing your foot on your left inner thigh, making sure the hip and leg are completely open.

If you can not balance with your foot on your thigh, simply, move it down to your calf or even propped up against your ankle, while your right toes are touching the ground for more stability. Try the different positions to see what works best for you.

4. Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose (Balasana) is a Root Chakra grounding pose, connecting us with energy within the Earth.

This pose makes us feel connected to nature and safe as the energy is focused at the base of the spine. Although this pose can be somewhat difficult to get into, it is important to surrender and melt into position fully or with variations of course.

How To Child’s Pose:

Sitting on your knees as wide as the mat, start by lowering your body forward, bringing the belly between the thighs, and stretching out your arms reaching all the way forward, as your forehead touches the mat. A folded blanket or block can be used to position correctly and stabilize if needed.

5. Forward Fold

The standing forward fold helps us find our center in grounding, as well as opening up our Root Chakra. This simple, yet effective pose can be done anywhere at any time if you feel the sense of this energy being blocked.

How To Forward Fold:

As you are standing up tall with your feet slightly apart, keeping your back straight, gently start to lower down with your head hanging and knees may be bent if needed. Grab elbows if needed, or place your hands on your shins for more support.

Close your eyes, and begging to feel your grounding in the Root take place.

6. Staff Pose

Staff Pose is a very simple pose that anyone can accomplish due to its easy structure.

Also a grounding position, the Staff pose is great to get your Root Chakra flowing.

How To Staff Pose:

Sitting in an “L” shape position, sitting tall, with spine elongated, take your hands on either side of your hips onto the mat, making sure the arms are straight. Your feet should be flexed while engaging your thigh muscles.

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