Stones For Creativity: Crystals to Boost Your Genius

crystals for creativity

Increasing your brainpower, creativity, and focus with the power of crystals.

Creativity is an essential compound of life. It engages the mind by freeing your thoughts in a way that enables a person to absorb knowledge with ease.

It makes processing and learning more efficient and magnifies your focus which is an essential part of boosting your brainpower and bringing out your inner genius and brilliance that you are more than capable of achieving.

We all have those slump like and unproductive days, It is a normal, common feeling and experience however whether you are hoping to find divine inspiration or just looking to pull yourself out of a slump, or wanting to boost your focus and motivation for your next assignment, crystals can help you bring out the best possible version of yourself in order to work at your full potential.

As there are other types of crystals, these select options are great for protection.

Tapping into the power of creativity can be a slow process, but crystals can aid in increasing your energy by unblocking certain stubborn energy channels and clearing them in order to bring out your inner genius.

Using the clear quartz to aid in creativity

Clear Quartz is a very well-known and useful crystal. It is one of those crystals that I feel like everybody needs and should incorporate into their daily lives. It is also known as crystal quartz and is a mineral made of oxygen and silicon atoms.

You may think that the appearance of this crystal is quite simple however don’t underestimate the power and energy it can provide and bring to you.

Purpose of crystal quartz:

The main purposes of this beautiful stone are amplification. It amplifies intentions and energy, meaning whatever intention you put out into the universe, it will make the connection stronger.

By setting an intention and the crystal at your aid, you will become more determined and focused which is an essential element in boosting your brainpower in order to reach your higher consciousness and bring out your full potential.

Another purpose is how it can balance your energy. Whether you have been in a negative headspace or simply just not in the mood or state of mind it can help in healing and balancing your energy to provide you a clearer state of mind to promote focus and prevent procrastination.

The clear quartz will unblock energy channels that have been causing a “foggy headspace” and will reconnect that spark and boost your ability to work and create.

This crystal awakens your intuition by making everything clear. It clears the mind and deepens the institution. It unblocks the energy channel that is blocking your intuition and clears a pathway for deeper and stronger intuitive info to reach you.

Another very useful benefit of using clear quartz for boosting your brainpower is how the crystal can help maintain storage and retaining important information that you need in order to thrive. By using this gem to stimulate the crown chakra, it invites expansion and cohesion.

Using Black Tourmaline to protect your personal energy

This gorgeous stone is made of Sodium Iron Aluminium Borate Silicate. Its purpose is to ground and protect. It is associated with your base chakra, where your root chakras are placed and control your feeling of being grounded and safe.

When your base chakra is aligned you will feel more confident and secure aiding in overcoming those pesky anxious and outfall thoughts which are blocking your ability to create confidently.

If you constantly deal with a loud environment such as a large office space, chaotic family, or classmates constantly bothering you then black tourmaline can aid in blocking off all the unwanted, negative, and different energy surrounding you that could be affecting you without even realizing.

Black tourmaline also shields again electromagnetic radiation feels that are emitted through our daily practices such as laptops and phones. These electric waves cause stress, distractions and prevent you from creating at your full potential.

How to use these crystals for the maximum effect:

  1. Jewellery, simply wearing a pendant or a bracelet is very convenient.
  2. Holding the crystal while Meditating
  3. Placing them in your environment eg workspace
  4. Placing crystals on your body. If you are targeting a specific chakra, place the stone on the chakra it’s associated with.

Please remember to cleanse and recharge your crystals. These stones absorb a lot of negative energy that you’re releasing while working or picking up other’s energy so the importance of cleaning your crystals is essential in order to restore their power to their natural state.

You can recharge your crystals by burying them in soil from a plant or placing them in direct moonlight.

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