11 Best Crystals For Protection 2021: Pyrite, Jet, Onyx & More

Best Crystals For Protection

So you’ve heard about the power of protection crystals and are now looking for ideas on the best stones for protection to carry with you always, we’ve made this list specifically for you.

There are many different crystals for specific things such as healing, manifesting, love, spirituality, money, and much more. We will learn about the best Protection crystals that you can use every day for any particular moment in your life, each with special spiritual abilities.

Use your protection stones to the fullest by carrying them with you always.

The Best Protection Crystals

Here’s a list of the best protection stones compiled by AllBodyYoga.

1. Pyrite

The Pyrite Crystal, also known as “Fool’s Gold” is a crystal that is used for healing, but also can be used for protection.

Pyrite is known for improving your memory and stimulating the mind. With these characteristics of Pyrite, it will be easier to discern and be mindful of bad energies, vibrations, and concerns of the people, places, and things around you. In return this form of protection can be significant anywhere you are.

2. Jet

The smooth and sleek Jet black appearance of this crystal is not extravagant but bold and appealing to the eye. Most importantly it can provide a form of protection for you. Jet absorbs and brings out the negative energy around you. Although it may seem kind of eerie, this crystal also purifies the energy it brings out, resulting in turning the negative into positive.

3. Infinite

The infinite stone can raise your vibrational energies, keeping you alert and aware of all your surroundings. It is a gentle stone, will give off positive vibes, and much spiritual awareness if ever being in a difficult position or situation. Its protective shield will also block negative energy that can become attached to you. Keeping these stones close to you is ideal when out in public.

Best Crystals For Protection
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4. Smoky Quartz

The Smoky Quartz can be clear or opaque with a brownish tint to it. With its mysterious properties, you can not go wrong with having smoky quartz with you at times. The most popular way to use Quartz is for protection.

Known to double down on protection when wearing smokey quartz will provide you with the ultimate protection, while also surrounding you with a protective shield. Wear the smoky quartz when feeling anxious at times, and will give you a boost of confidence while feeling safe.

5. Onyx

This mineral is smooth, black, and usually with white bands around it. Known for its protection and fortune, there is no question about this special stone. With the Onyx you may manifest a fortune of some sort with the ability to also have protection for that fortune, and for your well-being.

6. Obsidian

This natural stone is made from volcanic glass with a glass-like texture and it is popularly worn as jewelry. This stone is known as a sword against all negative energy, almost like it was made to be a warrior for your protection. This stone is special for keeping you anchored and grounded in ways that other stones don’t provide. Use this stone wisely when the time comes.

7. Blue Kyanite

The looks of the Blue Kyanite crystal are appealing with its blue and bladed structure. With its high vibrations, this stone is meant for meditation, and aligning your chakras from time to time, when needed. There is nothing more peaceful than balancing out blocked energies.

Using this crystal will have your mind and body flowing freely, and greatly decreasing negative energies. Blue Kyanite will provide you with the power to think clearly and focus on how you can protect your chakras from becoming closed off.

8. Amethyst

The most popular color variety of Quartz is the Amethyst given its deep violet look. If you have a stone collection, then the Amethyst is a must-have. There are many uses of the Amethyst starting from way back, which over the years the uses of the stone have changed.

Nonetheless, this stone has many uses and can be viewed as the “All-Purpose” stone, including protection. Due to its highly spiritual vibrations, this stone can protect you from bad dreams and nightmares giving you peace and tranquility. If you have other protection stones you like to use during the day for things, Amethyst may be the stone for you during the night for protection.

9. Rose Quartz

The Rose Quartz is a very attractive blush pink quartz crystal that you may need for your protection collection. Filled with harmony and love, it is no surprise people keep this stone so close to them. Not just in a romantic sense, but this stone’s properties for relationships, the world, and even animals is something you will want to activate.

Consider wearing the Rose Quartz close to your heart on a necklace to balance out the energies to protect everything that you love.

10. Spirit Quartz

Spirit Quartz may be one of the most intriguing crystals to look at, Spirit Quartz also known as the pineapple Quartz is a crystal presented with even smaller crystals encrusted on top of each other, hence “Pineapple”.  The Spirit Quartz may be the most powerful when activated properly.

When the time is needed, the crystal is spiritually awakening all minor energies into one powerful thread for you to use through manifest and your inner spirit for great protection. Use wisely.

11. Agate

This crystal is wonderful to choose from considering all of its colors and patterns. It is best to look through the different kinds and see which one speaks to you to give you its full potential.

With its different properties used for many years in Egypt and China, it is still used today in the modern world and has not lost its sense of power. The agate can protect you from your own mind when it is not clear and all over the place.

Feel protected with the properties of its calmness it gives off. Have peace of mind whenever you feel frustrated with yourself. 

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